Absolute Stationary Design

Absolute Stationary Design – Sandu Publishing

Format: Hardback | 384 pages
Dimensions: 190 x 240mm
Publication date: 15 Jan 2013
Publisher: Sandu Publishing & Gingko Press
ISBN 978-1-58423-505-7
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Sandu Publishing specialises in the production of design publications that focus on architecture, graphic design and much more. Sandu aims to encourage discussion and proliferation of design perspectives on an international level through its wide range of publishing ventures.

Included projects:
· Georgina Matherson – Brand Identity

Stationery is a key component of a brand identity. It has the potential to be an object of lasting impression for you to leave with a future client and with these things, a touch of ingenuity goes a long way. ‘Absolute Stationery Design and Integrated Identity Graphics’ is a publication that has collected numerous stationeries from design agencies and companies around the world, with each form exhibiting the studio and their client’s key philosophies and values in a visually pleasing way.