Bells & Whistles Gingko Press

Bells & Whistles – Sandu Publishing

Format: Hardback | 240 pages
Dimensions: 217 x 291 x 25mm | 1,385g
Publication date: 31 Dec 2015
Publisher: Sandu Publishing & Gingko Press
ISBN 978-1-58423-617-7
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Sandu Publishing specialises in the production of design publications that focus on architecture, graphic design and much more. Sandu aims to encourage discussion and proliferation of design perspectives on an international level through its wide range of publishing ventures.

‘Bells & Whistles – Printing with Special Effects’ features four Studio Worldwide projects that each display innovative use of printing techniques – from artist Miso’s brand identity that used elements of hand-pierced paper, laser-cutting and etching to white ink on black stock paired with a french fold die cut on Andrew Curtis’ exhibition catalogue.

Included projects:
· M.I.S.O. – Brand identity
· Andrew Curtis Photography – Catalogue
· McKR Renown Press – Awards Promo
· Studio Worldwide – Self Promotional XMas card

Bells & Whistles draws together over 100 print projects that showcase the collaboration of ideas between designers and printers. The original idea becomes a starting point for innovation through the use of multiple printing technologies, embellishments and materials to fulfil a design’s vision.

The book also acts as a guide to print production, with the inclusion of checklists and case studies from professionals on both sides – designers and printers – helping to show the present evolution of graphic design.